The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step… – Lao Tzu –

There are so many compelling reasons to travel, but for many of us, the first step on our journey is often the most difficult one to take. Where should I go? Why here and not there? How long should I stay? Do I have everything I need?

At Worldwide Ecotours we can help you with your first important step on the journey that you want to take. We can help set your feet in the right direction and get you going with full confidence in the adventure ahead. And don’t worry, we will be with you every step of the way just in case there is a change of plans or a new idea takes hold.

We know we can help you because we are world travellers too. We love the road and the adventure ourselves and we have been travelling for twenty-something years. We have the expertise and the contacts to insure you have a great travel experience.

At Worldwide Ecotours you can either craft your own journey or you can choose from one of our carefully selected pre-arranged itineraries.

Look through our Journeys section. We offer the best of Africa, Central America and South America for you to choose from for your next destination.

Nothing is left to chance. We seek out the best there is to offer in travel professionals. We have established incredible relationships with choice suppliers and talented guides. They have earned our trust and they will open your eyes and mind to the beauty of their country. Everything from your room, to the sites you visit and the experiences you encounter are hand-picked to insure that you have the kind of travel experience you always imagined.

But remember; nothing happens until you take the first step.

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