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We Are

Ruth MacRae
Dear Friends,
When I began to travel I went to Papua New Guinea, which was for me one of the most exotic places on earth, and that experience was so inspiring that it transformed me from an occasional tourist into a dedicated traveler.

The people I encountered on that journey, the diversity I observed, the natural wonders of the environment, the art and culture of Papua New Guinea all had an enormous impact on my concept of the world and the way we live. I felt an immediate connection to the country and it’s people. This may sound strange coming for a person who was born in Chatham, Ontario, which I felt to be (unfairly) one of the least exotic places in the entire universe.

Today, almost everyone is aware of the life enhancing experience of travel. Travel is exciting and it opens us to new ways of thinking and perceiving our world.
Before I worked in the travel industry, I was the manager of a large nursing library in Calgary. Research, planning, organization, and scheduling have always been skills that I enjoy. Since 1997 I have transferred these essential skills to arrange custom journeys and group adventures to every part of the world for numerous clients and friends. I have made it my business to design creative, active, memorable adventures that suit your particular interests, taste and style.

To sum up my joy of travelling, I love the quote from Martin Buber, “all journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” What this quote means to me is that while I can meticulously plan every aspect of your trip; you must be open to your journey’s secret destination. There is adventure to be had no matter how small the travel.

Call me, or send me an email, and find the joy, freedom and excitement of discovering your own secret destination.

Travel well, always be curious,


Ruth MacRae
President, Worldwide Ecotours
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